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There is one thing all Americans love: Labrador Retrievers. In fact, the lab is the most popular dog breed in America. Dogs in general seem to calm people. From a Grandma that lives alone to a blind person that needs help getting around, a dog can be a life saver ... literally. Scott Dewey from Iowa has spent much of his adult life training labs and knows how smart labs can be and what kind of impact they can have on a person’s life. Recently he took his love for dog training in a new direction. “My friend Charles Dwyer and I saw the need for trained dogs that could help veterans with post traumatic stress syndrome, children with autism and adults and children with diabetes,” Dewey said. “We started Retrieving Freedom to provide service dogs for people with these issues.”

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Here at Redneck Hunting Blinds, we love contest giveaways. Sometimes we give away blinds; sometimes we give away chairs or feeders. Recently we gave away a guided turkey hunt. Pete Benetatos was the lucky hunter who won the hunt by participating in a Facebook hunt giveaway we did in conjunction with GrowingDeer TV. Benetatos got to hunt with famed biologist, Dr. Grant Woods who knows a few things about whitetail management and turkey hunting. The hunt took place at Redneck Farms and from the moment the sun came up until the gun was fired, Benetatos was in the middle of turkeys. “There are a lot of turkeys on that farm,” said Benetatos. Watching all the turkeys chasing each other around and trying to figure out how to get a shot was fun.”

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