3 Box Blind Scent Control Considerations

Posted on by Mark Kenyon in Hunting Strategy, Scent Control

Of the many advantages of hunting from an elevated box blind, scent control is one of the least discussed – but possibly most important. Being able to keep much of your scent contained while hunting is a HUGE perk when it comes to chasing mature bucks, but it’s important to note a key word in this sentence. Much.

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Deer Blind Recommendations for a Bowhunter

Posted on by Tracy Breen in Deer Hunting, Hunting Strategy, Scent Control

In the last decade, many bowhunters are realizing there are many benefits to hunting deer from a deer blind.

Bill Winke from Midwest Whitetail TV knows all about hunting whitetails from a deer blind. Winke spends over 70 days a year chasing big bucks and although he enjoys hunting out of a treestand, he believes every hunter should have a deer hunting blind or two on their property.

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