I’ve hunted out of many different blinds over the years, including home built and store bought. The blind I like more than any other is the Redneck Predator 360 Blind! The vertical windows in each corner allow maximum visibility to constantly watch for deer. They allow me to shoot a gun with a three point rest - something blinds with only horizontal windows rarely allow. I’m 6’ tall and Redneck Blinds allow me to stand up and shoot a bow with room to spare!

— Dr. Grant Woods

About Growing Deer TV

GrowingDeer.tv was created by Dr. Grant Woods as a means to share his love for managing and growing white-tailed deer. Grant’s passions in life are God, family and hunting. Grant has been hunting since the third grade and has degrees from Southwest Missouri State University, University of Georgia, and Clemson University. His goal is to provide current, useful information about deer hunting and deer management in an on-demand video format.