Charlie Alsheimer

Outdoor Writer and Photographer

The Redneck Bale Blind is just the ticket for hunting farm country whitetails. It’s innovative concept and superior quality makes it one of the best ground blinds on the market. I used it extensively this fall with outstanding results. If you prefer hunting from the ground this is the best blind for you.

Kirstie house farm

Sgt Kirstie Ennis USMC

Wounded Warrior Outdoors

Wounded Warrior Outdoors is a fully volunteer independent charity focused on providing recently wounded servicemen and women with therapeutic outdoor opportunities. Recently we incorporated the Redneck Bale Blind into our "Adventures Enabled" program. The results were unbelievable, allowing Sgt Kirstie Ennis USMC the opportunity to harvest her first Eastern Turkey in Kentucky. Not only does the blind conceal movement and equipment, it visually disappears into the habitat not even being noticed by wildlife! From this point forward, Redneck Blinds will be a quality part of our efforts to continue to provide successful healing opportunities for our deserving warriors.


Rob Keck

Host of Bass Pro's King of Bucks

Simply put, Redneck Blinds are the best there is. Period.

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Don Higgins

Co-Owner of Real World Wildlife Seed

When the winter weather gets brutal cold, I know I have my very best chance of the season to kill a mature buck. My Redneck blinds allow me to wait in comfort for that opportunity I have worked for all year. Several of my bigger bucks have been shot from these elevated enclosed blinds under such conditions.

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Gene Price

Director of Relations with Trophy Rock

I love quality equipment and quality bucks. My 1st Kentucky hunt consisted of both... a Redneck Blind and a 163" 5 year old buck!

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Waylon Byers

Redneck Blinds Customer

The Redneck Bale Blinds have changed the way I hunt mature deer. I have 100% confidence that my blind is going to perform.


Kyle Ferguson

Redneck Blinds Customer

I have to say that the Redneck Blind has completely changed the way that I bow hunt open fields. The biggest challenge I faced before owning the Buck Palace 360 Crossover Blind was constantly adjusting stand sets for wind direction and concealment on our farm. Now I just Hunt, because very little scent escapes and I am always concealed. Plus you have tons of room to spread out all of your gear and still be extremely comfortable no matter the weather conditions. It’s a great investment that my family and I will enjoy for many years to come.


Terry Hamby

Hamby Farms

From deer to turkeys, Redneck Blinds offer products that allow me and others to enjoy hunting in comfort and help improve our hunting success. Redneck Blinds played a key role in harvesting our three biggest bucks to date last season! Without them it might not have been possible!

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Tony Bybee

Redneck Blinds Customer

Redneck Blinds are great, especially for hunting with young kids as it provides all day protection from the elements as well as concealment of the young kids that tend to move around quite a bit. The safety factor of the blind is priceless. Thank you for building these quality blinds that has and continues to provide us great father/son time and excitement in the woods. 


John Baer

Redneck Blinds Customer

The Redkneck bale blind is the one reason I was able to harvest this awesome Indiana whitetail. The day after we set the blind, there were mature deer cruising by with no worries! This is definitely a breakthrough advantage in the hunting world!

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Ryan Brouse

Redneck Blinds Customer

My son took his first ever deer during early muzzleloader season here in Iowa. Your blind offered us the warmth & concealment to get the job done!


Dusty Fillion

Professional Guide

After hunting for the first time in the redneck blinds I will certainly be changing the way I hunt with my clients. They are a great way to spend long hours in the woods without worry of movement and minimizing noise. Truly impressed with how the animals pay zero attention to them.


Austin Efurd

Redneck Blinds Customer

Went out the first morning in my new redneck blind and caught this guy in a trance on a hot doe. Came within 40 yds of the blind, and the rest was history. Biggest buck killed all year on our lease, and the biggest buck I have ever harvested. Confidence and comfort is always at an all time high in my redneck blind.

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Andrew Clifton

Redneck Blinds Customer

Redneck produces all around great products! From spacious, comfortable and extremely functional blinds down to the great accessories to customize a blind to fit your needs. When it comes to hunting on my own or out with guests I know a Redneck blind can help create a more comfortable and enjoyable experience in the field to make memories that will last a lifetime!

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Derik Jones

Redneck Blinds Customer

Multiple mature bucks were using this small field, but the challenge was south winds and the right tree was just not there. On November 23rd, mid-day, I put out the bale blind situated for a south wind and was able to harvest this mature buck 48hrs later. The Redneck Bale Blind is a game changer!