The Blue Collar Food Plot

Posted on by Tracy Breen in Food Plots

Food plots have been all the rage with deer hunters for over a decade. If you turn on TV and watch a hunting show, you will probably see someone hunting whitetails over a food plot. Most of the food plots that show up on TV are far from your average food plot. Most TV food plots are as green as a Leprechaun’s thumb, the size of a Major League Baseball field (or larger), and are as groomed as a golf course.

Although this type of food plot looks great and attracts deer, large food plots are expensive, require lots of equipment and knowledge to maintain, and aren’t always practical for the average hunter.  

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Beating A Buck’s Senses From The Ground

Posted on by Mark Kenyon in Hunting Strategy

Rewind the clock ten or fifteen years ago and if you watched hunting TV shows or read big buck magazines, it seemed the only way to fill a deer-tag was to hunt high in the air from a treestand. But with the popularization of quality ground-blinds in recent years, such as the Redneck Blinds hay bale models, its becoming increasingly clear that you don’t need to be 20 feet up a tree to kill a big mature deer.

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Should You Hire a Blood Tracking Dog to Find Your Deer

Posted on by Tracy Breen in Deer Hunting, Hunting Strategy

If you have been a deer hunter long, you have probably lost a deer or two because of a bad shot. Unfortunately, it is part of hunting. Sometimes we make a bad hit because a buck jumps a string. Sometimes buck fever sets in or an arrow hits a twig. Whatever the reason, sooner or later it happens and when it does, you are forced to make a decision.

Should you back out or should you go look for the buck? Answering this question can be extremely difficult. Instead of quickly answering the question, more hunters are calling in a blood tracking dog to find the deer.

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3 Box Blind Scent Control Considerations

Posted on by Mark Kenyon in Hunting Strategy, Scent Control

Of the many advantages of hunting from an elevated box blind, scent control is one of the least discussed – but possibly most important. Being able to keep much of your scent contained while hunting is a HUGE perk when it comes to chasing mature bucks, but it’s important to note a key word in this sentence. Much.

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Rethinking How to Create a Kill Plot

Posted on by Steve Bartylla in Food Plots, Hunting Strategy

I was beyond frustrated with myself. I’d just invested a full week’s worth of effort into clearing an in-woods kill plot with a chainsaw and gallons of sweat. I’d raked the debris, top seeded the ground and the plants were already emerging. Now, having packed the stand in with me, I walked in circles, staring at trees, fruitlessly trying to will one of them to work.

This is a problem far too many have. We all realize that having low impact stands to hunt is a key to success and keeping a property fresh. Still, far too often it’s an afterthought to our efforts to improve a property’s hunting quality.

Frankly, we reverse the steps for plot creation. The end result is often disappointment and almost never produces the best results. Here’s how to change that.

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Fixing Food Plot Failures

Posted on by Jeff Sturgis in Food Plots, Hunting Strategy

If you've turned a hand-crank on a broadcaster, driven a tractor or prayed for rain, you've probably experienced food plot failure like the rest of us. It happens. In fact, as the number of acres of new food plot forages and latest and greatest food plot blends continues to grow, so will the number of acres of food plot fails. Are your plots down to the dirt, plagued by weeds or doomed by drought? Don't worry; you and the local deer herd still have time to enjoy fields of food plot green. Here are three ways to make it happen!

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Gun to Crossbow: Tips on Making the Switch

Posted on by Tracy Breen in Deer Hunting

More gun hunters are turning into crossbow hunters. Hunting with a crossbow is much different from hunting with a rifle. They both have a trigger and use a scope, but that is where the similarities end. A crossbow doesn’t shoot bullets; it shoots arrows. A crossbow can’t kill a deer at 200 yards; a rifle can. Although technology advancements have resulted in crossbows that are faster than before, at the end of the day a crossbow is still a crossbow.

For those of you making the switch from a gun to a crossbow, there are a few things you should consider before heading to the woods this fall with a crossbow.

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4 Box Blind Hunting Tips to Practice

Posted on by Mark Kenyon in Deer Hunting, Hunting Strategy

I have a reoccurring nightmare where a giant buck steps into my food plot at 20 yards, stands broadside and patiently waits for me to send an arrow at him. At this point I draw back, settle in, and promptly send my arrow through the edge of my Redneck Blind window sill, after which I instantly wake up in a cold sweat.

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Fruit & Nut Trees for Your Food Plots

Posted on by Tracy Breen in Food Plots, Hunting Strategy

We all know the most popular food plots in America include clover, corn, soybeans and brassicas. While that might be the norm there's a growing trend among hunters of including fruit and nut trees to their arsenal. Here's some tips for using fruit and nut trees to attract deer to your hunting property.

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