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“Dad... I'm going to brush this blind in to make it look more natural.”

“Go ahead buddy”, I replied. But in the back of my mind I knew he didn't need to. We were setting up our Redneck Bale Blind for the upcoming turkey season and I honestly couldn't think of a more natural setup. A round bale laying on it’s side in farm country is a pretty normal occurrence. Either way, this blind was going to be used by a lot of us the spring and if my son was excited to help- then I wanted to let him.

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John Dudley from Nock On TV knows more than his fair share about turkey hunting with a bow. Dudley has won many archery titles over the years. It is safe to say he knows how to put a turkey in the freezer with a stick and a string. In the article below, we asked Dudley a few questions about bowhunting turkeys. Do you want to bow hunt gobblers this spring? Read on!

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Tiffany Kills Buck Of A Lifetime

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When it comes to killing big bucks, Lee and Tiffany of CRUSH TV know how to get the job done. They spend countless hours scouting, hanging stands, putting out cameras and hunting. One of the many weapons in their arsenal is Redneck Blinds. The Redneck tower blinds are extremely comfortable to hunt out of, the deer don’t pay any attention to them, and they really shine during the late season when staying warm can be difficult. On December 31st 2014, New Years Eve, Tiffany shot the biggest buck of her life while hunting out of a Redneck tower blind.

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Q and A with Bill Winke from Midwest Whitetail

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If there is someone who knows a thing or two about tagging big bucks, it is Bill Winke from Midwest Whitetail TV. Winke hunts for a living so he is always looking for ways to outsmart big bucks. We asked Bill why and how he uses Redneck Hunting Blinds. His answers might help you put a few more deer in the freezer and a bigger buck on the wall.

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The Redneck Portable Hunting Chair: The silent hero in a big game assault plan

Posted on by Jason Herbert in Deer Hunting

Coming eye to eye with big game animals is a rush- trying to kill one from the ground a challenge, and bow hunting with feet firmly planted on the Earth is darn near impossible. One of the crucial aspects to ground hunting is sitting still, and the key to sitting still is being comfortable. Redneck Blinds realizes the importance of a comfortable rest and has perfected the Portable Hunting Chair by making one that is sturdy, portable, and silent.

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Answering The Call Of The Wild:  The Benefits of Predator Hunting

Posted on by Mark Kenyon in Hunting Strategy

The hairs on the back of my neck stood straight up, hands clenched into fists and my stomach tightened. I knew what must be causing the crashing behind me. Being November 7th, this had to be the rut-induced buck chasing frenzy I had been dreaming of. I reached for my bow, and spun around, searching for the buck and doe causing such a commotion.

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Time To Get Ready For Deer Season!

Posted on by Adam Keith in Trail Cameras

We’re rolling into the end of July and the GrowingDeer Team is neck deep in preseason projects to help us prepare for the upcoming hunting season! I thought I would take some time this week to discuss those projects so you could get a better understanding of what our preparations are and what you can do to prepare for hunting season.

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How To Grow The Best Clover Food Plot

Posted on by Adam Keith in Food Plots

There are numerous types of clover that hunters use across the nation to provide quality food plot forage for deer and other wildlife. Here at The Proving Grounds it’s no different.  We typically plant Eagle Seed soybeans in our food plots. They are awesome for providing food for whitetails, turkey, and other critters  for 11 months out of the year. By combining a healthy stand of clover with Eagle Seed soybeans you can continue attracting  and holding whitetails on your property.

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