The Bale Blind has taken our ability to hunt deer, turkeys, hogs and predators to a new level. Due to the natural look of the Bale Blind animals are comfortable walking close to the blind. We have used the Bale Blind on Deer hunts from Canada to Georgia.

What has impressed me with Redneck Outdoors is they are making blinds and equipment to meet the needs of almost any hunting scenario. The reality is there is not a one size fits all for every hunting situation. RNO recognized this and is manufacturing a variety of high quality products to help you be more productive in field.

About Ultimate Bowhunting TV

Ultimate Bowhunting TV is a Journey to the Ultimate Bowhunting Experiences. This could be expressed in a variety of hunts and situations. We have a quest of taking as many types of "working man/woman" SLAMS as we can over the next three years. We know we will experience many failures along this journey. With extreme preparation, using the best resources and equipment and finding the best hunting locations we will accomplish our goals.

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