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Breadcrumb Bluetooth Location Marker


The Breadcrumb Bluetooth Location Marker includes free shipping in the lower 48 states.

Find your blind, your stand, your trail cam… and anything else you want to locate in the field. The Breadcrumb Bluetooth Location Marker is the first Bluetooth tracking device specifically designed for the outdoors. It allows you to find gear and keep track of hunting spots, right from your smartphone. Simply pair the device with the Breadcrumb Tracking App, and you can find your way to locations from 100+ yards away. Once in range, use the signal strength indicator to guide you in, then activate the ultra-bright, the loud sound beacon or both to confirm the spot.

Frequent Uses

  • Locate Stands & Hunting Blinds – Flash a pre-dawn light to find your stand without disturbing game around you
  • Mark Trail Cameras – Save time and frustration when checking SD cards or changing batteries
  • Stash your Pack – Find your way back to the pack you ditch when the stalk intensifies
  • Create Trail Beacons – Identify trailheads and paths to ensure you take the right route
  • Safety Monitoring – Keep in your safety vest so others know you’ve made it in and out of your stand
  • Mark A Blood Trail – Make sure you find your trail even if you need to wait until morning
  • Track Rifle & Bow Cases – Ensure bows and rifles make it on your plane when traveling to a hunt
  • Find ATV Keys – Never lose keys in the woods again

Location Mapping

When in range, your Breadcrumb Location Marker is constantly communicating with your smartphone, sharing its location. The GPS coordinates of this location will be mapped on your phone, and will maintain this last known location even if you move out of trackable range. This means if you have your smartphone with you when you place your Breadcrumb Location Marker on your tree stand, that location will be remembered on your phone even if you leave that location. You can use that location to easily find your way back to the stand from anywhere in the world.

Share Locations

If you would like to share a location with a friend, you simply enter their email using the Breadcrumb Tracking App and send them access to your Breadcrumb Location Marker. Using the app installed on their phone, they can now find the specific position of the shared Location marker. For example, you may want to grant access to a friend, enabling him/her find your tree stand. When the hunt is over, simply “unshare” the device and they will no longer have the ability to track that location.

Device Management

The Breadcrumb app lists all of your Location Markers and keeps an eye on your battery life. With a simple touch of the screen, you’ll know if it’s time to replace.

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