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    Of the many advantages of hunting from an elevated box blind, scent control is one of the least discussed – but possibly most important. Being able to keep much of your scent contained while hunting is a HUGE perk when it comes to chasing mature bucks, but it’s important to note a key word in this sentence. Much.

    Just like with all scent control tactic and products, a box blind will not completely eliminate your scent. With that being the case, it’s important to keep scent control in mind even while hunting from the comfort and containment of a Redneck Blind. Here are 3 scent control considerations that you’ll want to keep in mind this next hunting season.

    Keep box blind windows closed

    Being fully enclosed, box blinds can typically contain a large amount of your human scent – but only when the windows are closed. That said, consider keeping the windows on your blind closed while hunting, and only open the necessary sides just before a shot. Practice getting the windows open slowly and quietly to ensure that in the moment of truth you can get them open and into position in time.

    Practice normal scent control

    While a box blind can contain most of your scent, there’s still always a chance that some human odor will drift downwind. To mitigate this risk, practice your normal scent control regiment just as if you were hunting from a tree stand. Wash your clothes in scent free detergent, keep your clothes in a scent-tight container, and spray down with a scent eliminating spray before heading in to hunt.

    Scent eliminators/covers still work

    Controlling your scent using products

    In addition to a basic scent elimination practices, you might also want to consider additional measures such as an Ozonics machine or cover scents – which can all be used in tandem with a box blind. Redneck Blinds actually manufactures a special mount that works perfect for attaching an Ozonics machine to the outside of your blind. If you’re using a cover scent like Nose Jammer, spray this on the downwind side of the blind, along the outer wall.

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    Monty Marr
    Monty Marr

    September 26, 2017

    Thanks for the info.
    We just purchased another redneck and they are considerably the best blind going.

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