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    Soft Side 360° Ghillie Deluxe 6X6 Ground Blind

    Stand Options

    Soft Side 360° Ghillie Deluxe 6X6 Ground Blind is available for shipping in the lower 48 states. Different shipping charges will apply if ordering with a 5ft stand, Trailer stand, or Sled.

    Special Product Note: All stand options include a platform made from heavy-duty powder-coated steel to resist rusting and a foam floor blind liner.

    Room for Three Adults

    With its spacious 6x6 interior, there's plenty of room for up to three adults or two adults and two children to hunt comfortably—whether with a bow, gun, or crossbow, The Soft Side 360° Ghillie Deluxe 6X6 Ground Blind sports a heavy-duty double-stitched 600 denier Ghillie cover.

    The double-zipper design allows the windows to be opened to any configuration for maximum visibility while maintaining the highest level of concealment. The Ghillie cover blends in with various backgrounds without brushing it into the environment.

    Watch Three Bucks Go Down Using Redneck's Portable Soft Side Ground Blinds

    The new deluxe version features 30% more Ghillie material and a wider spacing of Ghillie around the door zipper to increase both longevity and ease of use.

    The Soft Side 360° Ghillie Deluxe 6X6 Blind also features a semi-permanent, heavy-duty powder-coated steel frame built for the most demanding conditions. The frame is constructed of heavy-duty tubular steel and bolts together in about 35-45 minutes.

    The water-resistant cover attaches to the semi-permanent frame with Velcro straps and sewn-on bungee cords and zippers. The cover can easily be removed for off-season storage. The powder-coated steel frame can be left outdoors year-round.

    The blind has been strategically designed in an octagonal shape to allow for placing four 10" x 46" vertical windows and three 14" x 30" horizontal windows. The 77" high ceiling gives hunters plenty of room to stand and shoot a bow. The crossbar located directly below each horizontal window makes a perfect gun rest when combined with an optional Redneck Window Gun Rest Bag. In addition, the optional Redneck Blind Gear Console can be mounted inside to store gear, snacks, and drinks.

    When unzipped, the windows can be left completely open or partially open and feature removable see-through camo mesh curtains on a silent slide system to hide movement inside the blind.

    The blind has an open floor and can be mounted to various platform options from Redneck.

    The Ghille Ground Blind is Available in These Configurations:

    • Ghillie Deluxe Blind Only
    • Ghillie Deluxe Blind on Platform & Foam Floor
    • Ghillie Deluxe Blind on 5ft Stand with Platform & Foam Floor
    • Ghillie Deluxe Blind on 10ft Stand with Platform & Foam Floor
    • Ghillie Deluxe Blind on Trailer Stand with Platform & Foam Floor
    • Ghillie Deluxe Blind on Blind Sled with Platform & Foam Floor

    Ghillie Portable Ground Blind Dimensions:

    Door 32" wide X 64" tall.
    It will open wide enough after unzipping to allow a 36" wheelchair through.
    Interior 70" Wide x 70" Deep x 77" High
    Exterior 72" Wide x 72" Deep x 79" High
    Door Window 17" Wide x 10" High 
    Front Window 30" Wide x 14" High
    Side Windows (2) 30" Wide x 14" High
    Note: 36" height from ground to bottom of horizontal windows
    Corner Windows (4) 10" Wide x 46" High
    Weight 133 lbs

    Included Ground Blind Accessories

    • See-thru, silent slide camo mesh curtains
    • Blind Bow Hanger & Blind Gun Holder
    • Two 24" heavy rebar anchoring stakes

    Optional Accessories

    Support for the Ghillie Ground Blind: