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    Over the last 30 years, bow technology has improved greatly. Bows used to be heavy and cumbersome but as technology advanced, bows did also. Today bows are lightweight, quiet and user-friendly. Over the last decade, crossbows have become more popular as many states have legalized them and bowhunters are aging and slowly making the shift from shooting a compound to shooting a crossbow.

    Now more than ever, crossbow technology is being refined and tweaked so crossbow hunters everywhere can enjoy their time in the field without feeling like they are lugging around a 30.06 that is heavy, noisy and difficult to maneuver. Now long ago that was the norm for crossbow users.

    Below are three crossbows that have raised the bar this year. All three of these crossbows are fast, quiet and user-friendly. If you are in the market for a new crossbow, consider these crossbows.

    Mission Archery Sub-1

    Mission Sub-1 Crossbow

    One crossbow that will create some excitement in the coming year is the new Mission Archery SUB-1. As the name implies, this crossbow can deliver less than one-inch groups at 100 yards. For hunters who enjoy long range shooting and want to shoot a bow that is extremely accurate and deadly, the SUB-1 fits the bill. This crossbow comes with many notable new features. For starters, The Benchmark Fire Control System allows the shooter to de-cock his crossbow by disengaging the safety, pulling the trigger or shooting a bolt. This feature eliminates the need for a discharge target and saves bolts for hunting, not discharging.

    There are several reasons the SUB-1 is so accurate. The patented Sync X cam system utilizes two circular and concentric string tracks, allowing the string to travel at a constant distance from the center of rotation, resulting in unparalleled accuracy. This fully synched cam system works in unison with the CNC-machined flight tract, completely eliminating horizontal and vertical nock travel, which makes the crossbow extremely accurate at long distances.

    Hardcore hunters want to be as quiet as possible when they are hunting. The R.S.D. (Removable Silent Draw System) found on the SUB-1 is an extremely quiet drawing system that allows the user to draw the crossbow without making a lot of noise unlike the crank-like systems used on most crossbows.

    In addition, the SUB-1 is extremely adjustable. The stock length can be set in six different positions (LOP 14.5” – 15.75”) and the comb height, with the ambidextrous cheek piece, has a range of 1.25 inches. The ergonomic over-molded AR style pistol grip is contoured for a positive feel and is fully interchangeable with aftermarket AR style grips.

    The Mission SUB-1 lets a bolt fly at 350 FPS, is 10.7 inches axle to axle when cocked, making it extremely treestand-friendly. It only weighs 7.5 pounds. On top of all of that, the trigger pull is only 3.4 pounds so it feels like you are pulling the trigger on a high-end rifle.

    Matt McPherson, Founder of Mathews Archery, helped design this bow so it is no surprise that it is as innovative as it is. Mathews has a long history of being an industry innovator and Mission Archery is following suit. Learn more about the SUB-1 crossbow at Mission Archery.

    Ravin Crossbows

    Ravin Crossbow

    One crossbow that has taken the hunting world by storm this year is the Ravin Crossbow. This crossbow offers everything a crossbow hunter is looking for. It is fast, quiet and notably the most compact crossbow on the market. When cocked, the Ravin is only 6-inches axle to axle so whether hunting from a treestand or a blind, the Ravin is a joy to handle. Ravin offers several models. The R15 is the speed demon and can send a bolt sailing 425 FPS.

    At the heart of the Ravin is HeliCoil technology, which is one of the things that separates the Ravin from the pack. The HeliCoil technology coils cables away from the top and bottom of the cams in helical grooves, keeping the cams perfectly balanced. This allows the cams to rotate an incomparable 340 degrees, while both cams remain perfectly level when drawing and shooting. This revolutionary design creates an incredibly compact crossbow and delivers rifle like accuracy at extreme distances.

    Another reason the Ravin is so accurate is the frictionless flight system. This technology allows the arrow and string to free float above the rail, eliminating friction, increasing accuracy, and extending the life of strings and cables.

    The Ravin has a built-in cocking mechanism, anti dry-fire and auto safety. The Ravin comes pre-tuned and features a 100-yard illuminated scope. On top of all that, the Ravin tips the scales at 6.9 pounds. No question about it: the Ravin is one of the coolest and most user-friendly crossbows on the market. Learn more at Ravin Crossbows.

    Scorpyd Aculeus

    Aculeus crossbow

    For many crossbow hunters, it is all about the speed. Many hunters want the fastest crossbow they can get their hands on. Hunters wanting that will love the Aceleus Crossbow from Scorpyd Crossbows. The Aculeus crossbow is the fastest crossbow on the planet and throws a bolt an amazing 450 FPS. Scorpyd Crossbows has held the title of the fastest crossbow on earth for many years, thanks to patented Reverse Draw technology. The limbs on the crossbow are reversed, resulting in a longer power stroke. How long is the power stroke, you ask? An amazing 18.5 inches! That is several inches longer than many of today’s most popular crossbows. The longer the power stroke, the more speed a crossbow typically shoots. The longer power stroke allows the company to produce a crossbow that delivers more speed with less draw wight. Less draw weight often results in less noise and recoil.

    The patented Kempf trigger, named after the company Founder Jim Kempf, is one of the most notable features found on the Aculeus. This trigger is super crisp and has 3.5 pounds of pull and is said to have virtually no travel which means the crossbow has a trigger like a sniper rifle. The amazing trigger is built with MIM components.

    The Aculeus crossbow is built like a tank so it can handle the abuse hunters put it through in the woods. It comes with a forged riser, Barnsdale limbs, a vented barrel, and forearm and is built with titanium fasteners for longevity and strength.

    Crossbow safety is also important. For that reason, the Aculeus crossbow comes with a patented anti-dry fire device. The Scorpyd Aculeus weighs 7.5 pounds and is 12-7/8” wide when cocked. For those who like to trick out their crossbow, the Aculeus comes with a 1911 style grip so hunters can customize their setup. For more information, visit Scorpyd Crossbows.

    If you are in the market for a crossbow, now is a great time to buy. Today’s crossbows are lightning fast, quiet and built for the serious hunter.

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