If you are a bowhunter and you have kids that you want to teach to hunt, you are always trying to figure out a way to take them hunting without them getting bored. The answer is a Redneck tower blind. There are two things that make a kid want to leave the stand early. The first reason is they get bored and want to go home because they can’t sit still for hours. The second reason most kids want to go home is because they get cold. The Redneck Tower blind solves both problems.

For starters, there is enough room in one of our tower blinds to accommodate an adult and a child. In some models, there is enough room to accommodate an adult and two children. In both cases, there is enough room for a child to get up, move around, grab a sandwich, play on a video game, or color in a book. “My kids love hunting out of a Redneck Blind. In a treestand, they are required to sit still but in a Redneck, they can move around which greatly reduces the chances of them getting bored and asking to go home,” Bill Winke from Midwest Whitetail said.

Getting cold rarely happens when hunting in a Redneck Blind. “All you need is a small portable heater and the kids stay warm, even on really cold days,” Winke explained. “Hunting in a comfortable blind like a Redneck is more fun for the kids which is why we spend so much time hunting in them.”

Kids love hunting

What many parents will ask when they are considering a Redneck blind is if it can really be used as a bowhunting blind. The answer is yes. “Once one of our tower blinds are in place, the deer don’t pay much attention to them after a week or two. Kids can move around, glass for deer, and even talk. At the moment of truth, regardless if they are shooting or their parent is, all that needs to be done is open one of the long vertical windows and shoot the bow. Many of our blind models have a long vertical window in each corner so bowhunters and crossbow hunters can easily shoot standing up or sitting down,” Danny Little from Redneck Blinds said.

Introduce Kids to Hunting

In today’s world, kids are constantly being entertained by something. Video games, TV, sports and other things have them moving 100 miles an hour at all times. As a result, they are not used to having to sit against a tree for hours waiting for a deer to walk by. To keep a kid interested in hunting and the outdoors, they have to be able to move around and have fun. They can move around, talk, eat snacks for hours on end, and be extremely comfortable. If you are looking for a way to enjoy the great outdoors with your kids this fall, consider investing in a Redneck Blind.

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