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    There are a million different places online to get information about land management, food plots and deer hunting, but we thought we would put together a cheat sheet for everyone that will make finding high quality information easier. Below is a list of some of the best sites on the web for people who have never managed land or planted food plots and those who have years of experience.

    The websites below will teach you about everything from the right type of seed to plant to have a lush green food plot to how to build buck beds and get rid of predators. 

    Midwest Whitetails

    Midwest Whitetails is a great place to learn about everything whitetail. Bill Winke owns and manages the website and has an online TV show that is all about whitetails. Winke lives on a large farm in Iowa and and teaches his viewers how to grow food plots and manage property. He also has staff members scattered across the Midwest so viewers can learn about what people in their neck of the woods are doing to manage deer and land. The Midwest Whitetail Show is extremely popular and so is Winke’s informative blog.

    Growing Deer TV

    GrowingDeer.TV is also an online TV show. The host of the show is Dr. Grant Woods. Woods is considered by many to be one of the most knowledgeable deer biologists in the country. On his website, you can learn about whitetail management and lots of information about wild turkey management, predator management, food plots, hunting tactics and more. Woods has helped develop many food plot seed blends over the years and is a wealth of knowledge. Everyone who visits his website will learn something about wildlife and how to manage it.

    Whitetail Institute

    Whitetail Institute is an innovator when it comes to food plots. Their seed blends are genetically designed for whitetails, not cattle or other animals. The other wonderful thing about this company is they are only a phone call away. If you can’t decide what type of seed to plant, they will help you determine the right one for you and the land you hunt.

    Mossy Oak's GameKeepers

    Mossy Oak's GameKeepers is another great website and magazine. The magazine covers everything from planting food plots and fruit trees to making your property more attractive to deer, turkeys and waterfowl. The website and magazine covers upland bird management and pond management. The website and the magazine are a great resource for hardcore hunters.


    BioLogic is a website for hardcore hunters considering food plots. BioLogic offers all kinds of different seed blends that attract deer, turkeys, upland game and waterfowl. They even offer products for the backyard fish pond.

    Eagle Seed

    Eagle Seed is a company largely known for their Roundup ready soybeans. They offer a few different soybean options, depending on what part of the country you live in. Their soybeans are known to be drought resistant and out produce other soybean varieties, which is important when planting them in areas with a high whitetail population.

    The Noble Foundation

    The Noble Foundation is a website for the Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation. This foundation is an independent, non-profit institute headquartered in Ardmore, Oklahoma. Founded in 1945, the Noble Foundation conducts direct operations including assisting farmers and ranchers and conducting plant science research and agricultural programs, to enhance agricultural productivity regionally, nationally and internationally. Over the years, they have also conducted a fair amount of research on wildlife including deer. By clicking on this link, you can read about much of the research they have done on wildlife. The nice thing about the articles is they are all about research. They aren’t trying to sell you a certain seed blend.

    Wired to Hunt

    Wired To Hunt is a great resource for the whitetail addicts out there. Wired To Hunt has a newsletter, a podcast and articles that focus on the whitetail deer. If you want to know all the latest and greatest news on whitetail deer, how to manage them and hunt them, check out this website.

    The Quality Deer Management Association

    The Quality Deer Management Association is largely responsible for getting hunters to band together with the goal of managing whitetails and the land they live on. The organization does a lot of research on deer and their habitat. You can learn about everything from does and fawns to predators and food plots on their website. Their forum is also a great resource.

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