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    Besides the obvious of staying dry and warm, The Redneck Blind with it’s tight seals and vertical windows, allow you to bow hunt even with marginal winds. Rednecks are built solid for many years of use. It truly is a game changer.

    “Whether it’s in a tree stand or competing in an indoor arena, I just love to be around hunters and archers who have a desire to shoot and have a good time. I can’t tell you how many friends I’ve made just having fun…and building relationships is what this sport is all about.”

    About Travis "T-Bone" Turner

    He’s started his own archery business, restored a vintage Mercedes, held the Outdoor 3-D Archery Word Champion title and appeared on numerous television shows and videos, including Realtree’s “Monster Bucks” video series. And though Travis Turner, a.k. a T-Bone, didn’t get to keep the Mercedes, he did manage to hold on to his passion for archery.