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    Hunting Cabin Platinum 7x8

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    Prefab Hunting Cabin Available at Authorized Redneck Blind Dealer Locations Only

    The Prefab Portable Hunting Cabin Platinum 7x8 can be purchased from local dealers only. Please find your closest Authorized Redneck Blinds dealer using our dealer locator.

    Find your closest Redneck Blind dealer to order the Hunting Cabin

    Pre-Assembled and Made in the USA

    The 7x8 portable hunting cabin comes completely assembled and ready to go.

    The Perfect Overnight Room for Your Hunting Property

    Redneck Blind's Hunting Cabin was designed with hunters, campers, and outfitters in mind. Constructed out of long-lasting fiberglass, the Hunting Cabin's fully sealed construction provides superior protection from the elements, bugs, and mice for your next outdoor adventure.

    Pre-Installed Outlets and Fully Insulated

    With insulated walls, roof, windows, and door, you can keep the heat in and the cold out especially if you take advantage of the pre-installed 110v outlets that allow you to hook up a small electric space heater!

    Cozy and roomy enough to comfortably install a bed or two cots, you have enough space to store your gear and rest your head after a long day in the woods; and the option to add lights, a vent fan, or door awning. The Redneck Hunting Cabin offers all the essentials and more to enjoy your time in the outdoors with friends and family.

    Standard Prefab Hunting Cabin Features Include:

    • Made from long-lasting fiberglass, the same used in our best-of-class hunting blinds
    • Closed-cell foam insulated ceiling and insulated walls
    • (2) double-panel insulated windows
    • Interior 110v outlet plugs
    • Weather resistant 110v exterior hookup
    • Heavy-duty metal insulated door
    • Camper-style door handle and lock
    • Marine-carpeted foam floor liner
    • Magnetic window curtains
    • Completely sealed/protected from bugs and mice
    • Optional features: Bed frame, door awning, push-on lights, and vent fan

      Hunting Cabin Dimensions:

      Door Size 32" Wide x 70" High
      Exterior Size 88" Wide x 100.5" Deep x 99" High
      Interior Size 81" Wide x 92" Deep
      Interior Side Height 82" High
      Interior Peak Height 94" High
      Window(s) 22.75" Wide x 19.75" High
      Window Opening(s) 22.75" Wide x 9.75" High
      Weight 840 lbs.


      Please contact your local Redneck Dealer or Redneck Blinds directly for specific details on properly and safely installing your Redneck Hunting Cabin.