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    John Dudley knows more than his fair share about turkey hunting with a bow. Dudley has won many archery titles over the years. It is safe to say he knows how to put a turkey in the freezer with a stick and a string.

    1. Where is your favorite place to aim on a turkey? Why? 

    I like to aim straight above the legs. My experience on turkeys with a bow is that the vitals are behind the drumsticks and the shot of an arrow in the hip drops them fast. It really prevents them from flying off since they can’t spring up.

    2. How far of a shot will you take on a turkey?

    A lot depends on that. I have taken some longer shots and been successful. Last year, I shot that giant triple beard bird at 50 yards, I think. 

    Bowhunting gobblers

    3. What type of decoy setup do you prefer?

    I have seen a huge difference in success since investing in them. Set up depends on the turkeys and what they are doing. A jake and a hen are always my start, but if the toms shy away from the jake, I know they aren’t fired up yet so I quickly change to two hens. 

    4. What type of broadhead do you prefer?

    For turkeys, I prefer large cut expandable. They make a huge difference in shot and doing damage. A Rage 2” hypodermic is my choice for gobblers. 

    5. Do you hunt out of our bale blinds when turkey hunting?

    The only way I hunt anymore is out of a Bale Blind or Ghillie Blind. The Redneck bale blinds have changed the game as far as I’m concerned. There is so much room in them and you can sit comfortably for the whole day. We have several of them on portable trailers on our farm. We literally have mobile death blinds. If the turkeys are moving to different areas, we can just drive in, shut down and hunt. They see them as part of the farm and have no idea what hit them!

    Success hunting turkey's with bows



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