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    When it comes to killing big bucks, Lee and Tiffany of CRUSH TV know how to get the job done. They spend countless hours scouting, hanging stands, putting out cameras and hunting. One of the many weapons in their arsenal is Redneck Blinds. The Redneck tower blinds are extremely comfortable to hunt out of, the deer don’t pay any attention to them, and they really shine during the late season when staying warm can be difficult. On December 31st 2014, New Years Eve, Tiffany shot the biggest buck of her life while hunting out of a Redneck tower blind.

    Tiffany is a hardcore hunter. When she shot the buck, she was 7.5 months pregnant. Not hunting wasn’t an option for Tiffany, so she chose to climb inside a Redneck Blind.

    The monster buck Tiffany killed was an awesome non-typical buck she had been going after for years. “That buck was 8.5 years old and has been on that farm since we bought it in 2008. I had been hunting him for the past three years and finally caught up with him on Dec 31st! He ended up gross scoring 192". Hunting long hours and days on end ended up paying off for Tiffany. “I was 7.5 months pregnant when I shot the buck. I hunted every day of the season starting on August 18th! When I shot that buck, it was my 3rd buck of the year so I was tagged out on December 31st for deer but was still duck hunting in Arkansas on January 15th.”

    Over the last several years, Lee & Tiffany have started utilizing Redneck Blinds more and more. One reason they enjoy the blinds is because hunters can outsmart bucks when hunting from a Redneck, even if the wind isn’t just right. “We hunt from Redneck Blinds for many reasons. The scent control you have when hunting out of a Redneck is one reason. The ease and comfort they provide is amazing. Every year we seem to use them more and more,” Tiffany explained.

    When most people think about a tower blind, they think they are only used for gun hunting, but as Tiffany mentioned, they provide amazing scent control. As a result, they are a great blind for bowhunting too. With long narrow windows on every corner, the Redneck blind is a great option for the bowhunter. A Redneck Blind offers plenty of room shooting from a seated position. There is plenty of room to draw a bow and more than ample room to have a camera man and friend or family with you while hunting...nothing beats sharing the outdoors with family and friends.

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    Dean Adsit
    Dean Adsit

    July 09, 2017

    I purchased 2 Redneck Blinds from General Coin & Gun in Eau Claire, WI.
    One Buck Palace & One Predator both with 15’ Stands. Just installed both of them on Saturday July 8th on our hunting land in Richland County, WI.
    It is amazing how far you can see sitting in them. I have 4 other stands on the property as well that are 10’ are on stands but none of them are close in comparability to Redneck Blinds for visibility and able to keep field mice out of them during hunting season. We put swivel office chairs in them which work great. We are in the big hills located in Southwest Wisconsin with some nice size Bucks.

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