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    Coming eye to eye with big game animals is a rush- trying to kill one from the ground a challenge, and bow hunting with feet firmly planted on the Earth is darn near impossible. One of the crucial aspects to ground hunting is sitting still, and the key to sitting still is being comfortable. Redneck Blinds realizes the importance of a comfortable rest and has perfected the Portable Hunting Chair by making one that is sturdy, portable, and silent.

    With a sturdy black powder coated steel frame, this chair will support a well-fed hunter, supporting up to 350 pounds. The chair folds flat for storage or transport, and comes with a heavy duty nylon carrying strap for a hands free hike. Almost complete right out of the box, the only thing that needs to be done is to unfold the chair, lock it into place, and position the three legs into place. Each self-leveling, adjustable leg is coated in Velcro to ensure its silence.

    Everyone knows that even the most precise hunter can make a bit of accidental noise now and then. And when in the woods- there's not a lot more alarming to an animal then the alarming “ding” of metal on metal. Redneck has addressed this concern and coated every possible piece of metal that comes in contact with another is coated in felt- to help keep things quiet. The seat fluidly swivels 180 degrees- without a sound. How often do we hunters set up for a shot, only to have the animal come in from somewhere else and catch us off-guard! No longer do hunters need to shuffle their feet, and move their entire body to get in an unplanned shooting position.

    Redneck Blinds portable hunting chair

    The chair is very versatile, and can be used anywhere from a ground blind, to a shooting shack on legs, to a nice, thick blow-down. By adjusting the legs, a hunter can literally sit on any angle and still be still. On a recent hunt, I had my Redneck Bale Blind on a very steep hill overlooking a tight draw. A normal flat legged seat or bucket would have forced me to lean sharply forward- ensuring a lot of wiggling and days of back pain. By simply lengthening the front legs, and shortening the back leg of my Redneck chair- I was able to sit flat, still, and pain free. 

    The bottom and back cushion of the chair are extremely comfortable. The thick cushion feels soft to the touch, and does a great job shielding the hunter from the strong metal framework beneath. With removable, washable camouflage covers to help keep the chair clean and scent free, the cushions are designed well. 

    View of Redneck Blind's portable hunting chair

    And although few will admit it- I'll say the Redneck Portable Hunting Chair is great for an afternoon nap! If necessary, when the hunter is feeling a bit drowsy, the chair can even be adjusted on a long sit to lean back and feel more like a Lay-Z-Boy for a little shut eye if necessary. Remember, an important aspect of successful hunting is putting in hours on stand. With a nice, comfortable chair, hunters are not only able to sit longer- bet they might even find themselves getting caught up on some needed rest.

    As always- have fun, be safe and shoot straight! And if you get a chance to try the Redneck Portable Hunting Chair- send us a picture- just make sure you're awake!

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