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    If there is someone who knows a thing or two about tagging big bucks, it is Bill Winke from Midwest Whitetail TV. Winke hunts for a living so he is always looking for ways to outsmart big bucks. We asked Bill why and how he uses Redneck Hunting Blinds. His answers might help you put a few more deer in the freezer and a bigger buck on the wall.

    What do you like most about using Redneck tower blinds?

    The blinds offer a very good view. It is not like other blinds that have many areas where your view is obstructed. These blinds make you feel like you are not hunting in a blind; they make you feel like you are outdoors. The corner windows make great shooting ports for bowhunters. I like the fact that they contain my odors when I am hunting in areas where the winds swirl or where the wind may not be perfect. They are very well built and carefully designed.

    Do you worry about the wind when hunting from a Redneck Blind?

    I make every effort to play the wind while hunting from these blinds but I have hunted on marginal winds from them and gotten away with it. I have put them in low areas where the winds normally swirl and have not been busted by deer.

    Do you think the blinds spook deer?

    Not after about two weeks. I think it takes that long for deer to get used to them. What spooks deer is people not hunting them carefully and then the deer associate the blinds with human activity which is when they start getting blind-shy. Otherwise, if you hunt them carefully, it is just another piece of the landscape to a deer.

    Have the blinds changed the way you hunt?

    Yes, I hunt them near my food sources – not exclusively, but a lot. It is hard to get away with hunting from a tree stand when you have a lot of deer close by for long periods without eventually getting discovered, but it is actually surprisingly easy in a blind. The blinds make it much easier to hunt undetected very close to feeding deer. It is amazing. I still like hunting from stands, but when the chips are down, the blinds near the food sources are more efficient at creating close range opportunities consistently.

    Have you used the bale blinds?

    Yes, they work well, but are not as good at containing scent. They are much more portable than the towers, of course, but I do have a tower on a trailer that I move occasionally. The bales work well for slipping into spots during the season. I just moved one a week ago into the standing corn on the edge of a picked field. I am sure the deer accepted it there very quickly. My son and I will hunt that right after Christmas and I am sure the deer will be close and totally relaxed around that blind. It will be exciting for sure.

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