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    Having as much land as we do and spending as much time as Tiffany and I do in the field all year long, we want to be comfortable, concealed and have the ability to take our next shot, so we can put another BBD, that is why we believe in and choose to hunt out of Redneck Hunting Blinds. The size and flexibility of the Redneck Buck Palace 360 blinds allow us to bow hunt , gun hunt and film out of the blinds.

    About Crush with Lee & Tiffany

    Crush with Lee & Tiffany brings you inside the Lakosky’s home, travels and hearts for a fun journey behind the guts and glory of the outdoor industry.

    Together with their two labs, support from their family and friends such as Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert and Jeff Foxworthy, Lee & Tiffany have figured out the formula to crushing some of the biggest and best game there is.