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    Up until I came across Redneck Blinds I was reluctant to bow hunt out of a box blind. The Buck Palace 360 Crossover and Predator 360 Crossover blinds are perfect not only for bow hunting out of, but are also favorites of mine during late season muzzleloader hunts. The oversized horizontal windows and tall vertical windows give us maximum shot flexibility while at the same time allowing us to film the hunts with great ease. There are many advantages in regards to scent control and sound and movement control that a Redneck blind will give you. Redneck Blinds are at the top of the class.

    About Midwest Whitetail

    Midwest Whitetail is first and foremost an on-line hunting show that we produce as close to live as possible. You can only watch the web version of Midwest Whitetail on the internet, and unlike television, we produce the show during the season - sometimes within hours of the action. You can watch the shows right after the hunts occur.

    In addition Midwest Whitetail produces a television show for The Sportsman Channel. The TV show is theme-based with tons of action and some good information to help you become a better deer hunter. We have a big pro staff so we can make it action-packed with many kills and encounters per episode.